The Cabana Kids EP

Surf-pop for the masses. The Birds & The Bees is out October 7th.

Francisco The Man LP

Loose Ends out October 27th via Small Plates/Fat Possum. Preorder available now.

Night Panther LP // Delta 7″

Philly’s sex-pop futurists Night Panther drop debut LP and Delta 7″ via SPR. Lovers freak.

Hollagramz LP

The debut LP from the lauded Denver producer Hollagramz brings acid-drenched techno transmitted back from the year 3030. Dance, Fool!

Habits // Creature Pleaser 7″

Gracie is back to tear Salman Rushdie a new one, two tracks at a time.

Latest Releases

The Cabana Kids – The Birds & The Bees EP

The debut EP from NYC’s The Cabana Kids. They’re a little bit surf ...

Francisco The Man – Loose Ends LP

It took roughly seven years, a teenage instrumental rock band, a debut ...

Gracie – Bleeder EP

The third EP, Bleeder,  from the Grace-God punches and kicks like a ...

Francisco The Man – In The Corners 7″

3 brand new tracks of sun-burned, acid-fried rock chaos from one of ...

Praise for Our Artists

If you’re into Arthur/Lola-era Kinks with a charmingly lo-fi psych-pop infusion, then this is carved out especially for you.

– Prefix on Campfires -

Tooth-ache sweet, common cold catchy, parallel universe pop.

– Altered Zones on Guards -

One of the best voices around in 2010…

– NME on Idiot Glee -

This is highly accomplished stuff.

– The Guardian on Guards -

Present-day ravers will age into the future’s amnesiacs and this will soundtrack their descent.

– Altered Zones on Supreme Cuts -

“It’s impossible to turn a blind eye… [High Highs] are destined for bigger things.”

– DIY on High Highs -

“Mellow gold… really quite marvelous.”

– The Guardian on TV Girl -

“chills-inducing, haunting… a bedroom-ready burner.”

– Prefix on Gracie -

“They shimmer like Velocity Girl used to do back in the early ’90s”

– Stereogum on Field Mouse -

“There are often intangibles with bands, when you like them. You just know it. Hands does that to us and will likely do that for you too.”

– Daytrotter on Hands -!/concert/hands/20054956-111876

“These guys weave a sound that’s equally blissful and exciting.”

– Nylon on Hands -

“hauntingly beautiful folk that’s right on the line between good dream and subtle nightmare.”

– Pretty Much Amazing on Day Joy -